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I Have a Thing For Ferry Boats… Seriously

If you’re a true Grey’s Anatomy fan, you definitely would want to visit Seattle at least once in your life. As a true Grey’s Anatomy fan I did just that.

My best friend and I like to take an annual trip every year. This year we decided to go to Seattle. We had also heard really good things about Portland, so we decided to visit Portland, then take a train up to Seattle. We’ll get more into Portland in another post.

Seattle definitely did not disappoint. From the vibe, to the food, to the coffee. Incredible! Now if anyone knows me, they know how I HATE coffee. Seriously, I have never cared for it. My best friend told me, “there is no way you’re going to leave the coffee capital of the world without having coffee.” So I obliged, and let me tell you.. I have never tasted such amazing coffee in my life! We would go twice a day because I couldn’t have enough! My favorite place was called Moore Coffee. They did the cutest designs in the coffee! *pictures below*

Now no trip to Seattle is complete without a ferry boat ride. We were lucky enough to go on a day that wasn’t raining (which is rare) and we took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. We ate at Doc’s Marina Grill, overlooking the marina. It was so beautiful. We then took a lovely stroll through the town, it was so small and quaint and it had the cutest boutique like stores, its a must see place when you get to Seattle.

We of course did all other touristy activities, seeing the Gum Wall (which was gross), shopping at Pike Place Market, going up the Space Needle, and of course visiting Dr. Meredith Grey’s house. Sadly she wasn’t home at the moment, maybe I’ll catch her next time!