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Fare Una Spaghettata (to eat spaghetti)

Let’s talk about my love for all things Italy. I love the country, the people, the language, and most importantly the FOOD. There is nothing, NOTHING in this world that compares to the food in Italy. The pastas, the pizza, oh the tiramisu! I’m drooling just remembering it all!

There is no such thing as “diets” when you travel, especially in the land of carbs. At every restaurant we went to I would order an appetizer, a pizza AND pasta, all for myself. And of course I would always finish the dinner with tiramisu. Calories don’t exist when you travel, right?

Here’s an important tip when you travel anywhere in the world, when it comes to trying to pick which restaurant to dine at, NEVER pick restaurants that have a menu with pictures. Sounds silly right? But trust me, those are tourist traps. They overprice their menus, and the food is so bland. It’s a waste of a meal! Always go to the mom and pop restaurants. You’ll thank me later.

From all of the restaurants we dined at, there was one that I still dream about. It’s called Osteria Barberini, and they are known for their truffles. The entire experience was one to write home about, from the service to the food itself! Phenomenal. I only wish I can remember the names of the dishes. We ordered everything from the truffle lasagna, to the truffle risotto. There was this one dish, that was the Chef’s specialty, that was was beyond perfection. It’s almost like a fettuccine pasta with mushrooms in a parmesan cheese bowl. Every ingredient in this dish is executed to perfection. Of course, we finished off this amazing experience with their home made tiramisu. If you ever find yourself in Rome, make sure you make a reservation to this gem. You will not regret it.


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